Feeling so clear and confident about your brand and your marketing that your dream customers instantly connect with you and want to purchase what you offer.

Sydney business coach for female business owners

Hey there, I'm Kristy!

I'm a playful straight-shooter with a big heart and an obsession to help female founders how to brand and market their business effectively. 

If you want someone by your side who has lived and breathed marketing, advertising and branding for over a decade, who has 'been there, done that' and built a multiple 6 figure business, then I'm your new business bestie!

Imagine being so clear about your brand and your marketing that your dream customers instantly connect with you? Let's remove that scatter-gun approach and start moving forward with clarity and confidence.

The days of feeling stressed, overwhelmed and confused about growing your business are over. Let's take your business to the next level and have fun while doing it.

All Packages Are Tailored To Your Needs

Simply choose how much time you feel you need me in your corner.


Imagine feeling so clear and confident about your brand and your marketing for your small business that your dream customers instantly connect with you and want to purchase what you have to offer.

All our programs are tailored to your needs, it's just a matter of choosing how long you would like me in your corner for.


Tara Brady

Baby Bow Club

Wow! One session with Kristy and I’ve finally been able to create a brand message that covers all the different aspects to my business. I’ve tried working with coaches before, only leaving with a little hype up but nothing tangible. Kristy is an expert and knows her stuff! Thank you, I can’t wait to put everything into action, and I’ll be back to pick your brain again soon!

Jacki Botans

Tofu With Love

I had a one-off marketing session with Kristy a few days ago and it’s quite possibly the best money I’ve spent in my business so far! She really helped me to clarify my business model, my customers and how I should begin building inventory for my new direction. The call was full of valuable information and it was clear Kristy only had my business’ best interests in mind.

I highly recommend working with Kristy for anyone who needs branding and marketing help, coaching, clarification, or who even just has one or two questions they need professional advice with. Amazing work, thanks Kristy!

Camila Maanon


Kristy was amazing! She has helped me to see the big picture and clarify all the concepts In my head, so that my brand has a stronger message. She also gave me really good feedback on my website. Kristy goes straight to the point, that's why I contacted her, and after spending so much money on many "experts" I finally found one that is worth it! Thanks Kristy.

Katie Moore


Ladies, I can 1000% recommend Kristy - she's transformed my business! I had no idea about branding or how to layout my website, and she's opened my eyes. Kristy asks the hard-hitting questions to get you thinking, makes great suggestions, holds you accountable, and you can actually see her excitement when you achieve results! She's amazing!

Tegan Vincent

Sunday Styler

Kristy has had a MASSIVE impact on my business this year! The work I have done with her has me clear on my brand vision and has done so much for my confidence.

Every week since working her has seen me hit new levels, better than the week before. I love having her in my corner.

I highly recommend you reach out to Kristy. She lives and breathes all things marketing and branding and is sharp as a whip. She won't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. So much knowledge and experience. You won't regret it!

Mel Bishop

Stone's Throw Yoga

We booked the 3 month coaching package with Kristy for our fledgling new business and man was it well worth it.

The best thing about Kristy is she's a straight-shooter. She revamped our instagram, she wasn't afraid to tell us if something we'd done wasn't up to scratch, and she set us homework to keep us progressing forward - but she never made us feel stupid. We could come to her with any questions and she was there to answer and support us in the lead up to our launch.

We're about halfway through the second week of opening and we've had to add *five* extra yoga classes on to the schedule to cater for the numbers of people coming through our doors.

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