Top 6 Tips For a Successful Market/Expo

Top 6 Tips For a Successful Market/Expo

Are you looking at attending your first market or expo this year? Or maybe you are wanting to take your stall to the next level? Here are 6 tips for a successful market/expo.


I can’t stress this enough. I attend markets at least twice a month and the amount of stall holders that do not have “effective” signage is very high. .
What is effective signage? If you are attending a market that doesn’t supply signage for the top of your stall (most expos do), invest in a professionally printed banner that can attach to the top of your stall. This is important because if your stall is busy, people find it hard to see any signage that is hidden within your stall. Pull-up banners are also great to place out the front and to the side.

Time should be invested into designing the layout of your store and any printed items. How can you bring your brand essence into your market stall - think of your stall as a retail space. If you opened a shop, you wouldn’t just have racks and products. The best way to stand out at markets is to inject your brand’s personality into your stall.

Make sure you create buzz in the lead-up to the market. 1. Post in local Facebook groups. 2. Offer a local giveaway to celebrate being at the market and the winner is announced the night before. 3. Create your own event page so that you can get an idea of how many of your customers will be attending and communicate with them. Use the market/expo’s unique hashtag before, during and after the market so that your stall shows up when people are searching the hashtag. 


Many people simply browse markets/expos and buy online within 48 hours. It’s super important that your flyers are in a prime location and can be taken without someone having to ask you for one. 


Unless you need to move excess stock, I personally do not believe you need to offer market stall/expo special offers. If you would like to - bundles are a great way to offer something special without giving a blanket discount. 


This is easier said than done. Find a way to collect emails without it slowing you down ie digital and make sure you’re offering something your ideal customer would “genuinely” be interested in receiving.