Printable Monthly Business Goal Planner for 2021

Free Printable Monthly Biz Goal Planner That's a Must-Have in 2021

Ready to crush your biz goals in 2021? It all starts with being laser-focused on the money-making tasks. Too often, small business owners map out their yearly goals, only to lose focus part way or forget what goals they wrote down in the first place. 

This is the exact reason I have created this simple 5 step monthly planner that uses neuroscience time management principles that you can use again and again to stop the shinny object syndrome and become laser-focused on the money-making tasks. It's time to say goodbye to the time-wasting tasks for good. 

Each month you spend 60 minutes planning out the next 30 days! Total game-changer.🔥

Printable Monthly Biz Goal Planner for 2021

Here's how it works:👇🏻

Step 1: Your first task within your planner is all about getting clear on your core goal for the next 30 days. You will use SMART objectives to plan out your goal so that it's Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timebound. You will also explore what success looks like, any new tools you need and the 3 core tasks to reach your goal.

Step 2: You will use the roadmap to visualise your key milestones to reach your goal for the month. This is a handy 1-page tool you can print out on it's own and place it somewhere you can see it. You will also explore any roadblocks that might stop you from achieving your goal and how you might overcome them.

Step 3: Next it's time to brainstorm all the possible tasks you will need to complete to reach your goal for the month. I have taken two well-known time-management principles, the Eisenhower Matrix and the Rock, Pebble and Sand metaphor and created my own tool to help you visualise and prioritise the most important needle-moving tasks.

Step 4: After you have decided from your brainstorm session what your Rock, Pebble and Sand tasks are, you will then place them within your priority chart.

Step 5: With your priority chart in view, you will then use my 30 day planner to map out your tasks so that each day you are confident you are ticking off tasks that are aligned to your one big monthly goal.

That's a wrap! If you follow each step, you will have all your tasks mapped out in 60 minutes for the WHOLE month!

With my unique 5 step process and planner, you will see:

🔥 Laser focus on the money-making tasks
🔥 Massive increase in your productivity
🔥 Removal of the time-wasting tasks
🔥 A roadmap and simple plan to get you to achieve your monthly biz goal
🔥 You will gain clarity around the tasks that actually move the needle in your business
🔥 You will say goodbye to shinny object syndrome
🔥 You will have the confidence you are actually focusing on the correct tasks that are aligned to your monthly goal

Happy planning! 

Ps - if you would like to maximise the use of your planner you can watch a video where I walk you through my 5 step process. You can find it within my free Facebook group where I drop value-bomb video trainings every month to help female founders brand and market their business effectively. JOIN HERE

I hope to see you there. 

Kristy x

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